DNREC: Indian River - Millsboro Dredging Project Update

An aerial view of a section of Indian River, in Sussex County, Delaware, showing the navigation channel and a specified wetland area.Project overview map: Navigational channel (colored) to be dredged and restoration site/placement area (outlined)

DNREC's Shoreline and Waterway Management Section will resume dredging the Indian River in early July. For details, please visit the following link as provided by DNREC:

Indian River Near Millsboro Beneficial Use Dredging Project - DNREC (delaware.gov)

Questions? Please contact Kathleen Bergin at DNREC Shoreline and Waterway Management Section (302) 855-7290

Statement from DNREC on May 24, 2024:

Two dredging projects in southern Delaware will continue in the summer months. Dredging is to continue in Assawoman Canal until  August 1, 2024 and dredging is to begin in Indian River near Millsboro on July 1, 2024.

Both projects aim to improve boater safety and recreational use within two popular waterways in Sussex County. We have facilitated modifications to the original time of year restrictions on both projects.

In Assawoman Canal dredging contractor McLean Contracting Company of Glen Burnie, Md. will pause operations over Memorial Day weekend, then resume until dredging of the canal is complete. Dredging operations may be completed as early as the first week of July, according to McLean’s estimated schedule, but we have provided permission to dredge until August 1 to ensure they have ample time to complete the job and demobilize.

Separately, our DNREC Shoreline and Waterway Management Section will resume dredging Indian River near the town of Millsboro on or about July 1, 2024. This project began in the fall of 2023 with preparations of the wetland restoration site that will receive the dredged sediment.

Boaters in both waterways should use extreme caution to protect their own safety as well as the safety of dredge crews. Slow-moving vessels, submerged and floating pipeline, anchors and lines, and other hazards may be present in the area of dredge operations. Boaters should anticipate delays when traversing the dredge project areas.

We'll continue to maintain web pages for each project, where you can find status updates and answers to general questions.

Aerial view of a section of shoreline showing an open water area labeled "marsh recreation" and a wetland area labeled "phragmites treatment."
Project areas: 8 acres of Phragmites treatment and 7 acres of marsh recreation in the tidal wetland